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The 15th Annual Global CSR & ESG Summit & Awards

The event, a leading thought leadership platform on sustainability, will be co-located with the 3rd Annual Global Food Security & Sustainability Summit 2023, highlighting the interdependence of ESG with food security and the fragility of current world systems. Delegates will have the opportunity to attend both events and gain a wider perspective on related issues.

The world is facing major challenges in energy, sustainability, and responsible investment. The transition to clean energy and environmentally and socially responsible investment is gaining traction but there are several obstacles for success. The first challenge is ensuring an equitable transition to clean energy, benefiting everyone and not just a select few. Governments, businesses, and individuals must take action to make this happen. The second challenge is the lack of transparency from corporations on environmental impact and sustainability practices, leading to a cycle of inaction. Increased transparency is necessary to break the cycle and encourage companies to take meaningful action. The third challenge is the performance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment, facing criticism for not driving enough change and decreased performance in some ESG funds. Continued improvements are necessary for ESG investing to deliver positive change and financial returns.

The theme of this year’s event, “Driving Transformational Change Beyond Greenwashing”, will focus on inspiring participants to discuss and discover transformational ESG & CSR strategies beyond conventional thinking. The conference will also address the challenges facing us today and the need for climate-friendly solutions and technologies, including electric vehicles, high tech farming, sustainable supply chains, and nature-based solutions. With thought leaders from various industries and hundreds of senior executives and CSR & ESG professionals from around the world, the event promises to be a memorable experience. The conference will conclude with a memorable eco tour on day two.

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