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Sustainable Technology Centre

At the Sustainability Technology Centre, we believe that sustainability is not just about reducing carbon emissions or minimizing waste. Rather, it is a holistic approach to development that takes into account the interdependence of environmental, social, and economic factors. Our approach to sustainability is grounded in three key principles: environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability. We recognize that sustainable development must balance the needs of the planet, people, and profit, and we strive to help organizations achieve this balance through our services.

Member Services

The Sustainable Technology Centre provides a range of services and comprehensive solutions dedicated to helping our members navigate complex regulatory environments, meet their sustainability goals, and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation. 


We are committed to providing our members with innovative and practical solutions that help them minimize their environmental impact, promote social equity, and enhance their economic competitiveness.

ESG Consulting

By effectively managing ESG risks and opportunities, corporations can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, attract investment, and access new markets and business opportunities. Besides reducing costs for corporations through improved resource efficiency, reputation and legal risk management and enhanced employee productivity and retention. ESG integration has become an important criterion for many investors and financial institutions. Companies with robust ESG performance are more likely to attract sustainable and responsible investment, as well as secure favorable financing terms and access to capital. Governments and regulatory bodies are increasingly introducing ESG-related regulations and disclosure requirements. Corporations that proactively address ESG issues can stay ahead of evolving regulatory landscapes and mitigate compliance risks. Services:

• Materiality Analysis
• ESG Due Diligence
• ESG Ratings and Research
• ESG Data and Analytics
• ESG Auditing and Assurance
• Sustainability Reporting and Disclosure
• Impact Measurement and Reporting
• ESG Stakeholder Engagement
• ESG Strategy Development

ESG Recognition and Brand Image Development

• ESG Training and Integration


Technology Commercialization Consulting

Technology plays a critical role in achieving sustainable development. That's why our technology commercialization services focus on identifying and developing innovative solutions that can help organizations reduce their environmental impact, enhance social responsibility, and achieve economic viability. Services:

• Technology Assessment
• Technology Acquisition
• Research and Upgrades
• Regulatory Compliance


Overseas Market Development

Expanding to overseas markets and engaging in business development create a strong impetus and pressure companies to adopt sustainable practices and enhance their corporate image. Overseas markets often have higher sustainability standards and regulations, driving companies to comply with and implement environmentally friendly technologies. Services:


• Regional and Product Market Assessment
• Customer Demand and Preference Analysis
• Product and Technology Trend Analysis
• Competitive Intelligence
• Market Entry Strategy Development
• New Product Launch Strategy Development
• Supply Chain and Partnership Development
• Sales and Distribution Channel Development


Facility and Technology Relocation

By helping companies relocate their manufacturing operations nearer to their market, we reduce the carbon footprint of their operations and promote economic development in the region. Services:


• Overseas Study Tours
• Investment Feasibility Study
• Siting and Cost Planning for Manufacturing and R&D Facilities
• Company Setup and Legal Compliance Services
• Accounting and Financial Services


M&A and Fund Raising

Sustainability factors have become increasingly important considerations in the context of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and fundraising. Transparent disclosure and reporting of sustainability performance are increasingly expected by investors, regulators, and stakeholders. Companies involved in M&A or seeking fundraising opportunities need to provide comprehensive and reliable information on their sustainability practices, targets, and progress. Services:


• M&A Target Company Search and Screening
• Business Plan Development
• Market Due Diligence
• Business Due Diligence


Technology Focus

  1. IoT

  2. Micro Electronics

  3. Material Science

  4. Artificial Intelligence Applications

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